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Throwing around a 200+ pound machine can take a lot of effort. Effort takes energy, and throughout your race, having more energy than your opponent is what puts you in the lead.  Strength training is a critical part of riding motocross and enduro. Whether your ride to win, or ride for yourself, increasing strength makes everything so much easier.


Rider Fitness: 8 Principles of Strength and Endurance

Here Are The 8 Basic Principles To Build & Maintain Strength & Endurance

8 Strength & Endurance Principles for Enduro and Motocross - I think we can all agree that enduro, cross county and motocross is a brutally demanding sport, and that your body plays a crucial role in how well you ride. That's why it's imperative that you make strength and endurance training a priority, second only to riding time. Because it's through strength and endurance that you are able to maintain your balance, overcome arm pump, fight...
Rider Fitness: 3 Benefits of Strengthening Your Grip

Here Are The 3 Biggest Benefits Of Improving Your Grip On Your Dirt Bike

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Improving Your Dirt Bike Grip - As a dirt bike rider, one of the most important techniques you can develop early on in your career is that of dirt bike bike. A better grip (with both arms and legs) will, in most cases, drastically increase your performance in a short amount of time. In this article, I'm going to share with you the major benefits of improving your dirt bike grip and a couple...
Rider Fitness: Knee Strength Training

Strengthen Your Knees & Prevent Injury At The Same Time

Avoid Injured Knees At All Costs! - There are not too many body parts that are more important to dirt bike riders than our knees. They help us sit, stand, squat, and take jumps and turns without crashing and burning. They also help us grip, stabilize, and control the bike, too. And let’s not forget how useful they are off the bike. It would be pretty difficult to ride without functional knees, right? In this article, I’m going to share with you why knees...
Rider Fitness: Hip Abductot Strength Training

Increased Hip Abductor Strength Is Critical To Bike Control & Stamina

Essential Rider Fitness: Hip Abductor Strength - Standing on Dirt Bike Hip Abductors FitnessYour body’s hip abductors are made up of four major muscle groups: the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, and Tensor Fascia Lata muscles. This group of muscles is found in your buttocks region, and is responsible for your body’s ability to separate its legs from the midline position. To paint a picture of the muscles’ function, imagine you’re standing...
Rider Fitness: Lower Back Strength Training

Lower Back Strength Training Is CHEAP Insurance Against Spinal Injuries

Lower Back Strength Prevents Injury - Lower back injuries are one of the most common types of injuries among motorcycle riders. They most often occur from repeated exposure to long and strenuous rides over an extended period of time. Age also plays a role. In a lot of instances, the lower back pain symptoms start as a series of minor aches and pains in the lower back region that show up shortly after a ride but quickly subside. But as time goes on...
Rider Fitness Upper Back Strength

Increasing Upper Back Strength Will Protect You From Spine & Shoulder Injuries

Upper Back Strength Training - In a previous article, I talked about the importance of strengthening your lower back in order to both improve your performance on the track and prevent serious injuries (seeing how back injuries are among the most common injuries for motocross athletes). I’ve since been asked by a few readers about strengthening the upper back – is it important, what does strengthening it do, and which specific workouts are best? Yes, you do need...
Rider Fitness: Shoulder Strength

More Shoulder Strength Will Help Avoid A Dislocation; The Most Common Moto Injury

Shoulder Strength Training - Just researching this article, I came across four different headlines where a pro moto rider injured his shoulder. So yeah, shoulder injuries are a big deal. And unfortunately, they’re one of the most common injuries in all of motocross. From the moment you start riding, you hear from other riders how important cardio and strength training are to improving your performance. But you don’t often hear how important it is...
Rider Fitness: Upper Arm Strength

Increase Your Upper Arm Strength & Drastically Reduce Arm Pump

Upper Arm Strength Training - It goes without saying. When you ride, you use your arms a lot. And when your upper arms and forearms are not in good shape, you’re pretty much guaranteed to experience fatigue, soreness, and the occasional arm pump up to a few days after a race or vigorous training session. That’s why your upper arm strength is a vital fitness component. But which parts of the upper arm need to be worked – triceps or biceps? The...
Rider Fitness: Upper Arm Exercises

3 Simple Upper Arm Exercises To Keep Your Dirt Bike Under Control & Destroy...

3 Simple Upper Arm Workouts To Keep Your Dirt Bike Under Control and Destroy Arm Pump. No matter what you ride or what kind of riding you do, Motocross, Enduro, Desert, Woods, you need to use your arms when riding – because duh. But how do you make sure your arms are ready for the punishment of a weekend on the sand dunes, motocross track or single track woods trails? Needless to say, you use your arms a lot. And when they’re not...
Too Much Forearm Strength Text

Forearm Strength Mean Less Arm Pump For Motocross Riders

Forearm Strength = No Arm Pump? - We all know that your forearms are the first place where you feel arm pump… and the place where arm pump can have the most detrimental effects. Once it kicks in, the fatigue and pain can literally become overwhelming, and your performance on the track is greatly hindered. It can cost you the race. But strong forearms aren’t just a good idea for preventing arm pump. They’re also critical for grip strength and...